Trailer Finishing and Color by Toby Wilkins

In 1998, with a respected track record as a film finishing motion graphics specialist, I became the first person to successfully complete a fully digital theatrical trailer finish for Disney. Within a few years every major studio had switched to fully digital finishing for their film trailers. Here is a playlist of a small selection of trailers I worked on in a decade that forever changed the face of cinema 1998 and 2008. My various responsibilities included on-line editor, colorist, visual effects artist, mix supervision, and theatrical film proofing.

Titles include: The Lord of the Rings, Grindhouse (Death Proof), Ocean’s Eleven, The Matrix Reloaded, Superman Returns, Training Day, Blow, Spider-Man 3, Ice Age, The Manchurian Candidate, The Hills Have Eyes, Gone in 60 Seconds, Bad Santa, Austin Powers “Goldmember”, The Phantom of the Opera, Planet of the Apes