Drama series edited by Toby Wilkins

Continuing a rewarding run of collaborations with long time friend and showrunner Ben Ketai I was invited to be a part of the editorial team for the debut season of Sony/Crackle series Startup, and to return for its 2nd and 3rd seasons for a total of 11 episodes. Set against the backdrop of Miami, this elevated tech thriller stars Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Ron Perlman, and Mira Sorvino.

Stream full episodes HERE or watch some clips below.

STARTUP s1e2 – A drive-by in Little Haiti.
STARTUP s1e8 – Rask (Martin Freeman) pulls out all the quirky stops when he tries to intimidate Nick (Adam Brody).
STARTUP s3e8 – Ronald (Edi Gathegi) stays cool under pressure when an old friend drops in for a surprise visit while Nick (Adam Brody) covers for him.
STARTUP s3e8 – Nick (Adam Brody) betrays Ronald (Edi Gathegi).
STARTUP s3e8 – An unlikely deal turns on a dime in this tense and ultimately blood scene of betrayal.
STARTUP s2e1 – Agent Rask (Martin Freeman) schools some Russians on the art of confession.
STARTUP s3e4 – Wes (Ron Perlman) smokes a joint and takes a hard look at a checkered past.
STARTUP s2e1 – Touie (Kelvin Harrison Jr) and Ronald (Edi Gathegi) have a tense father and son moment.
STARTUP s1e9 – Nick (Adam Brody) and Taylor (Ashley Hinshaw) realize it might be too late for couple’s therapy.
STARTUP s1e9 – Day one in the new office and Izzy (Otmara Merrero) is offered a deal that’s too good to say yes to.