Drama Series episodes directed and edited by Toby Wilkins

CHOSEN was the flagship drama/action series on Sony/Crackle from 2012 to 2014, spanning three six-episode seasons. The darkly simple premise: “Unwitting participants are forced to play a deadly game of hunter and hunted by a powerful group of puppet-masters called The Watchers.” – created by Ben Ketai

Later re-packaged into a one-hour drama the series stars Chad Michael Murray, Rose McGowan, Brandon Routh, and Milo Ventimiglia. I was originally asked to edit season two after editing Ketai’s 2013 feature film Beneath. I was then asked to direct and edit the third and final season.

In the season three premiere, guilt-ridden Jacob (Chad Michael Murray) is reeling after being forced to slay the parents of a little girl right before her eyes, only to see his brother murdered as punishment for failing to finish the job and kill the girl too. When he finds her, he decides to turn the tables on The Watchers and seek revenge for them both.

In a network first, we meet season three’s new characters; gay teen love-birds Alex and Trevor (played by Alexander LeBas and Tristen Bankston) as they’re interrupted by Alex’s mom Josie (Rose McGowan).

We meet Alex’s twin sister Megan (Sammi Hanratty) as the pair do a little target practice with their mom, like any normal dysfunctional family trapped in “the game”.

When another player in the game tries to get the drop on Jacob, well… let’s just say he ends up with his brains blown out into a toilet bowl.

This six minute action sequence was my way of introducing “The Hunters” to the show with a bang. Lots of bangs actually. And some revving and screeching and running and screaming.

A four-way Mexican standoff devolves into a fistfight with knives and guns in the Acostas vs Hunters finale.

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